Recent Mixes - A Busy 2017 / by Dominic Bartolini

It has been a busy 2017 for my studio and myself - Unfortunately, I rarely ever have time to post about my recent goings on. By the time I am able to publicly post about a project, I am often already busy with the next one! I have been fortunate to have been involved with a number of excellent projects for a wide variety of production companies and filmmakers. Moving forward I am going to post more video content that is publicly available online.

In coordination with various production companies and studios in 2017... 

I have sound designed and/or mixed promotional spots and other content for such as outlets USA, VH1, LMN, AMAZON, WeTV, SpotifyAMC, The GuardianNHK, etc...

Mixed a number of independent long and short form films in stereo and 5.1. More info to come on those as their premieres are announced.

Edited and mixed episodes of Follow The Data for Bloomberg News.

Mixed commercial spots for T Brand/Creative Media Design, Cowboy Bear Ninja, and Veekast.

Sound designed and mixed documentary videos for 23AndMe (via Transient Pictures).

In coordination with Bridge Multimedia, edited and mixed the descriptive audio channel for the Academy Award nominated documentary, I Am Not Your Negro - as well as descriptive content for JP Morgan Chase.

And the list goes on...